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Conference Program

Monday, Feb. 12th, 2007

Time Talk/Event
8:00-9:00 Registration
9:00-9:15 Welcome (Bertrand Meyer)
9:15-10:15Keynote: Yannis Smaragdakis, University of Oregon, USA
Combining Static and Dynamic Reasoning for Bug Detection
10:30-11:00: Coffee Break
Session 1:
Chair: Andreas Leitner
11:00-11:30Philipp Ruemmer and Muhammad Ali Shah
Proving Programs Incorrect using a Sequent Calculus for Java Dynamic Logic
11:30-12:00Ralph-Johan Back, Johannes Eriksson and Magnus Myreen
Testing and Verifying Invariant Based Programs in the SOCOS Environment
12:00-12:30 Qiao Haiyan
Testing and Proving Distributed Algorithms in Constructive Type Theory
12:45-14:00: Lunch
14:00-15:00 Keynote: Jonathan Ostroff, York University, Canada
The Significance of Popperian Falsification for Testing and Verification of Software Products
15:00-15:30: Coffee Break
Session 2:
Automatic Testing
Chair: Ilinca Ciupa
15:30-16:00Manoranjan Satpathy, Michael Butler, Michael Leuschel and S Ramesh
Automatic Testing from Formal Specifications
16:00-16:30Lisa Liu, Bertrand Meyer and Bernd Schoeller
Using contracts and boolean queries to improve the quality of automatic test generation
16:30-17:00Pascale Le Gall, Nicalas Rapin and Assia Touil
Symbolic execution techniques for refinement testing
17:00-18:00Panel discussion (Chair: Yuri Gurevich)
18:30-: TAP dinner

Tuesday, Feb. 13th, 2007

Time Talk/Event
9:00-10:00Keynote: Yuri Gurevich, Microsoft Research, USA
Play to Test
10:00-10:30: Coffee Break
Session 3:
Test Generation
Chair: Lisa Liu
10:30-11:00Achim D. Brucker and Burkhart Wolff
Using HOL-TestGen for Test-Sequence Generation With an Application to Firewall Testing
11:00-11:30Christian Engel and Reiner Haehnle
Generating Unit Tests from Formal Proofs
11:30-12:00Angelo Gargantini
Using Model Checking to Generate Fault Detecting Tests
12:00-12:30Bernhard Beckert and Christoph Gladisch
White-box Testing by Combining Deduction-based Specification Extraction and Black-box Testing
12:30-13:30Final discussion (Chair: Bertrand Meyer)
13:30-14:45: Lunch