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Call for Workshops


The TAP conference is an international event entirely devoted to the convergence of proofs and tests. We encourage proposals for innovative, well-focused workshops on opics related to the combination between tests and proofs. Workshops are either full or half-day events that occur on the day before the conference (12 February 2007). Workshop themes and formats can be diverse; in particular, a workshop can be a meeting of an ongoing project.


Workshops should ensure good interaction between the participants. It is the responsibility of workshop organizers to manage attendance. Criteria for attendance should be specified clearly in the workshop's call for participation.


Workshops will be publicized together with the conference. Organizers of accepted workshops are expected to maintain a web site through which, prior to the event, they make information about the workshop available to participants, and, after the workshop, they publish information about the discussions and conclusions reached. The TAP web page will include a link to the workshop page.


Workshop organizers are responsible for the workshop paper review process and for publishing the workshop proceedings. Each workshop must have at least two organizers.


Registration for the workshops will be handled by the TAP conference organizers. Workshop organizers and participants have to register for the workshops (available both separately from and together with the registration for the main conference). Workshop fees will include lunch, coffee breaks, and printed material.

Financial assistance for the workshop organisers will consist of:


  • one fee waiver for the full TAP conference and workshop if there are at least 5 participants in the workshop
  • two fee waivers for the full TAP conference and workshop if there are at least 10 participants in the workshop.


Workshop proposals must include the following information:


The workshop's main theme and goals:

The proposal must include a clear description of the workshop theme, must explain what the goals of the workshop are, and must state why the workshop is appropriate for TAP. Proposals must include a 150-word abstract describing the theme and goals of the workshop. This abstract will be published in the advance and final program, if the workshop is accepted.


Organizing committee:

The workshop organization committee is responsible for reviewing submitted papers, managing attendance, running the workshop and making the results of the workshop available to a wider community. Workshop proposals must list the members of the organizing committee with their contact information. It is recommended that, for every member of the organizing committee, their expertise in the field is listed, together with information about why the person would be appropriate for organizing the workshop. The chair of the committee and a primary contact should be indicated.


Previous related workshops:

If there have been any previous workshops on related themes, the proposal should state when and where they took place and explain how the present workshop relates to them.


Expected number of participants:

The proposal should specify the ideal, the minimum and the maximum number of participants.


Workshop preparation:

Discussions in the workshop will be most productive if participants can prepare in advance, for example by reading the accepted papers. The proposal should indicate how you intend to help participants prepare and should state which materials you will make available and when.


Workshop activities and format:

State if you are proposing a half-day or one-day workshop. Also describe the format of the workshop: how many presentations you envision, how long each of them should take, whether there will be any panel discussion, focus groups, how such groups will report back to the other participants, and so on.


Post-workshop activities:

Describe how you intend to make the results of the workshop available to non-participants and what results you intend to make public: summaries of discussions, key issues identified, etc.


Special requirements:

Please specify any special requirements.


Submissions should be made as early as possible to allow for proper publicizing of the workshops. Electronic submission of proposals is required through the TAP submission system. You will receive confirmation by email that your proposal has been received.


Workshop proposals will be reviewed against the following criteria:


  • Significance: Does the proposal argue convincingly for the importance of the workshop topic?
  • Relevance: Is the theme of the workshop appropriate for TAP? If there exist other workshops on the same theme, what is the novelty introduced by the proposed workshop?
  • Workshop format: Is the format clearly described and does it encourage a high level of interaction between the participants?
  • Organizers: Are there at least two organizers? Do the organizers have the requisite background knowledge and experience?
  • Completeness: Does the proposal cover all the information specified in the guidelines stated above?


For additional information, please contact the track chair Manuel Oriol